Who Are We Building For?

Supporters - Deposit XLM into project accounts for distribution to contributors. Contributors - Receive XLM when they contribute to projects.

Why Are We Building This?

It can be difficult to maintain and grow Open Source projects. Contributors often don't get rewarded for open source work so there is a lack of incentives to make meaningful contributions.

What's The Tech?

Our stack includes Elixir, Phoenix, Node, React, Harmonium, Stellar SDK for JavaScript, Stellar Horizon Server, and AWS.

Contribute to Projects

When a Contributor finds a project they want to work on, they can select contribute and see all of the project pieces that are funded and the rewards associated with them.

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Support a Project

Support a Project

The people who choose projects to support by adding XLM to the project fund. Supporters are anyone who is motivated to support a project by backing it with XLM. It could be the owner of the repository, a business, or just a single person who uses this open source tool and wants to motivate others to improve it.

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